Running for a reason: TNT Performance hosts 24 Hour Challenge to raise money for MS

BROOKFIELD -- They need to raise $22,000, they have 24-hours to get it done and you're not too late to help.

TNT Performace

They're riding and running for a reason.

"It's a relay run across the United States. There's 18 runners, each runner has to raise $10,000," said Joni Nogay, MS Run the US, Inc.

Saturday morning, March 5th the folks at Brookfield's TNT Performance sharpen their focus on this year's 'MS Run the US' event, which involves the effort to eradicate multiple sclerosis.

TNT Performace

"I have a cousin who has MS. I have some dear friends that have MS. So, why not? Why not help?" said Nogay.

TNT Performace

Nogay explains participants donate $20 to MS Run the US. In exchange, from 7:00 a.m. Saturday, until 7:00 a.m. Sunday, those donors get access to any of a number of the exercises and classes offered at TNT Performance.

Becky Brunner says seeing people do and give what they can to help those who are living with multiple sclerosis, is inspiring.

"It really does help. It makes me feel really good inside that people would do this from all across the country to raise money for this very worthy cause," said Brunner.

TNT Performace 24 Hour Challenge

For more information on the MS Run the US event, including how you can contribute -- CLICK HERE.