Roundy's stores limit customer capacity, add COVID-19 precautions: 'We're fighting a battle here'

Jim Hyland

MILWAUKEE -- Starting Tuesday, April 7, all Kroger and Roundy's stores are cutting down on customer capacity inside their businesses.

"It's a battle. I mean, we're fighting a battle here," said Jim Hyland of Roundy's.

If you're a customer an any Kroger or Roundy's store, your shopping experience is going to look a little different for the foreseeable future.

As a way to combat the spread of the coronavirus, the stores have limited the number of customers inside at a time by 50% of the building's code for capacity.

"We don't think we'll need to use this very often, but when we do we have it," Hyland said. "We will have a team member who will direct people. We will have signs up, we have other signs coming in, so it will be pretty self-explanatory."

Despite the new ordinance, customers will be allotted an unlimited amount of time to do their shopping.

"Remember the one cart, one customer, rule," said Hyland. "If you're a husband and wife and you tend to shop together, one of you stay at home and one of you shop."

If it hasn't been noticed already, store staff are also taking precautions.

"We encourage employees to use the mask," Hyland said. "We have plexiglass shields up. We give additional breaks. We have cleaning going on all day.

"Everybody does get it. I think it's that 'Badger State' mentality. We're Midwesterners. We're Wisconsinites. We're all pulling together."

Going grocery shopping may not be as simple as it used to be, but it's certainly safer.

In addition to Kroger and Roundy's, Meijer stores are also taking similar steps to limit the number of people inside their buildings.