Round one in Wis. Senate recalls about to begin

MADISON (AP) -- The recall battle for the Wisconsin Senate is about to begin. Four Democrats will square off against four Republicans posing as Democrats in primaries on May 8th.

Three winners will face GOP incumbents Scott Fitzgerald, Van Wanggaard and Terry Moulton in a June 5th general election. The fourth winner will face state Republican state Representative Jerry Petrowski for former Senator Pam Galloway's open seat on June 5th.

Democrats forced Fitzgerald, Wanggaard, Moulton and Galloway into recalls to punish them for supporting Governor Scott Walker's law stripping most public workers of their union rights. Galloway resigned but the election to fill her seat continues.

The lead-up to the elections has been marked by court battles and Republicans' decision to run fake Democrats in the primaries,giving the incumbents an extra month to campaign.

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