Rosa Ordonez sentenced for FoodShare scam

MILWAUKEE -- 47-year-old Rosa Ordonez was one of four Milwaukee County employees caught stealing from the state. Tuesday, September 4th she was the latest to receive her punishment.

In court Tuesday, Ordonez said she's a good person who made the wrong choice to steal. The sentencing judge shot back, calling Ordonez a liar and a thief who chose to live a life beyond her means.

Ordonez left court Tuesday surrounded by family and friends -- after she was sentenced to serve 30 days in prison and three years of probation. Ordonez was also ordered to pay over $10,000 in restitution.

Ordonez pleaded guilty to stealing from the state.

According to the criminal complaint, Ordonez began defrauding the FoodShare Wisconsin Program in 2008, after a flood disaster in Milwaukee County. The criminal complaint indicates Ordonez opened four FoodShare accounts under the names of friends and family -- even making up dependents to increase their payouts.

Three other former Department of Health Services employees are together accused of stealing over $400,000 worth of benefits. Two have already been sentenced to five years in prison.

In Ordonez's case, the judge took into account her two dependent children, among other issues when handing down the much lighter sentence.

The judge initially sentenced Ordonez to one year in prison and one year or probation but stayed that ruling. That means if Ordonez does not meet the conditions of her probation, she will have to serve that prison time.

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