Rory Feek posts touching pics as he returns ‘home’ one day after Joey’s death

TENNESSEE – Fulfilling a promise he made to his wife, Rory Feek has returned to their Tennessee farm following her death from cervical cancer.

The photo posted to Instagram shows the couple’s two-year-old daughter, Indiana, clearly loving the farm and the horses she and her dad paid a visit to.

Rory’s last post on his blog indicated that he, Indiana and the couple’s other daughters would be heading to Tennessee soon. 

After four-and-a-half months in Indiana, we will soon be back home in Tennessee.  Me, and our little one, with our older daughters.  It’s hard for me to imagine being there without Joey, but at the same time… it is where she wants us to be.  It’s where she will be…  She’s gonna be in the mint growing beside our back deck, the sweet-corn frozen in our freezer and a million other places that her hand and heart has touched around our little farmhouse and community.  Joey will still be with us.  Everywhere.

So if it’s okay, I’m gonna close, wipe my tears and pack our bags to hit the road headed south.

She’s already got a head-start on me.

Joey Feek died at the age of 40 on Friday, March 4th. She had been diagnosed with cervical cancer shortly after Indiana’s birth two years ago.