Rodent goes on rampage in New Hampshire neighborhood

NEW HAMPSHIRE (WITI) -- A rodent went on a rampage in a New Hampshire neighborhood and chased residents and pets before being captured.

The groundhog, or woodchuck was like any other normal rodent, but then started to cause a bit of a frenzy throughout the neighborhood. The animal went from chewing on weeds to attacking people.

When the fuzzball got a little too close to a man, the man gave him a poke with his foot -- which caused the animal to come after him. When the man tried to hide in his garage, it didn't stop the groundhog from trying to chase him from the garage to his house.

Once inside, the man took photos of the animal trying to claw into the house, and bit at the glass door. The man says it is likely the rodent had rabies, which caused him to act this way.

Animal Control was called in and captured the rodent before harming anyone.