Risky 'Hard-Hat Challenge' goes viral

DENVER, Colo.  Yet another "challenge" has gone viral on social media. Construction workers across the world have been filming themselves trying to flip a hard-hat on top of their own head.

The hard-hat is placed on the ground and positioned just right on a shovel; then, they jump on the shovel. The hard-hat then catapults as it flips up into the air, with the ideal outcome of the hard-hat safely landing on its owners head.

More often than not, that doesn't happen and the internet reaps the reward of the aftermath.

"They might be good if they actually catch it the right way," said Jim McMillen, director of safety services for Pinnacle Insurance.

Hard-hats are not light for something being chucked at a human head: they weigh about 1 pound, like a can of soup. The "hard-hat" challenge video fails are being watched by the millions all over social media and youtube. The more fails, the better!

And therein, perhaps, lies the irony: The very object that is designed to protect heads is the same one injuring them.