Review: Google Pixel 2 Smartphone

Taking a look at Google’s new Pixel 2, which the company says has the best camera ever in a smartphone.

Let me begin this review by saying that the Pixel 2 was probably the phone I most anticipated in 2017. The original Pixel was my favorite phone of 2016 thanks to a great combination of clean software and an amazing camera.

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The follow-up adds some more key features but overall, I’ve been less enthusiastic about Pixel 2 because it seems like what Samsung and Apple are putting out might be a better fit for a majority of people. Let’s take a look.

There are two version of the Pixel 2 – regular and XL. They have slightly different designs, but the main features are the same. Same 12-megapixel cameras and similar water-resistant design, but no headphone jack or wireless charging.


Pixel 2 runs the latest version of Android 8, called Oreo. There aren’t a ton of recognizable new features, but a lot of little tweaks here and there. The home screen has a search bar at the bottom, an ever-updating status reminder at the top and little dots on app icons that represent something new, like a notification.

What I love about the software also leaves me desiring more. It’s a “clean” version of Android, which means it is very basic. This is what Android enthusiasts love – there is no bloat to slow you down. It also means that it is borderline boring. It is super fast, but I have noticed some bugs and random resets here and there.

Pixel 2 photo, taken from an airplane window

Portrait mode on Pixel 2 front facing camera