Resignation of St. Sen. Galloway changes power balance

MADISON -- State Sen. Pam Galloway, a Republican representing her district in Wausau, is resigning her post -- citing serious health concerns in her immediate family.

One of those surprised by the announcement was Democratic Representative Donna Seidel who is running in the recall election. Galloway's name will no longer be on the ballot. Other Republicans are already being mentioned as possible opponents, including the District's two Republican Assembly Representatives, Mary Williams and Jerry Petrowski.

But the impact goes further. The senate majority of 17 Republicans to 16 Democrats has now changed -- at least until the recall elections. With Sen. Galloway gone, it's an even split of 16 seats for each party.

What this means is that for the next two months, it will take a lot of compromise to make it worthwhile to call the legislature back for any type of extraordinary session.