Residents in Eagle, where tornado hit in 2010, say hearts are with OK

EAGLE (WITI) -- The tornado that left Moore, Oklahoma in ruins on Monday, May 20th is bringing back memories for homeowners in Eagle, Wisconsin in Waukesha County. Next month will mark the three-year anniversary since tornadoes ripped through trees and homes.

The tornado in Eagle snapped off a giant Spruce tree that was one of several trees adorning Debbie Dauffenbach's home.

"I went into the basement like a good girl," Dauffenbach said.

The tornado ripped through Eagle on June 21st, 2010.

"The night that it happened me and my daughter were in the house and I was keeping an eye out  in the sky. My ears popped and I said 'let's get down into the basement.' From then on, things just started flying," Bill Krueger said.

The Krueger home was a total loss, but the family considers themselves lucky. Insurance money helped them rebuild what used to be a tri-level into a two-story home.

"Only the foundation is the same. Everything from the ground up is brand-spanking-new," Krueger said.

As those in Eagle reflected on that day in June of 2010, they said their hearts are with those now affected in Oklahoma.

"In Eagle we had a small area that was affected. There it`s miles and miles and miles. It looks like a bomb out site so it`s pretty drastic. Pretty crazy down there," Krueger said.

Some in Eagle chose not to rebuild after the tornado in 2010, and moved out of the area.