Reports detail escalating domestic violence between Zina, Radcliffe Haughton

BROOKFIELD -- Three days before 45-year-old Radcliffe Haughton entered the Azana Salon & Spa in Brookfield and opened fire, killing three and injuring four, he made an appearance in court, where a four-year restraining order was granted to his wife, Zina Haughton. Zina Haughton was one of those killed in Sunday's shooting. This restraining order was granted following a series of domestic incidents between the two that had escalated this month.

Court documents obtained by FOX6 News indicate Brookfield police were dispatched to the Azana Salon & Spa after Radcliffe Haughton reportedly slashed the tires on Zina Haughton's car.

Zina Haughton told police she and Radcliffe had been arguing the night before regarding getting a divorce, and Zina Haughton left the Brown Deer home the two shared when Radcliffe left to take their child to school. Zina Haughton went to the Brown Deer Police Department so an officer could escort her back to the home so she could retrieve some items. Then, Zina Haughton drove to work.

That was when Radcliffe Haughton reportedly showed up at Azana Salon & Spa and punctured Zina Haughton's tires. Two Azana employees told police they saw Radcliffe Haughton "waving a knife" and puncturing Zina's tires "at least two times," before driving away.

Brown Deer police officials later took Radcliffe Haughton into custody, before being transferred into the custody of Brookfield police. He was booked for criminal damage to property, domestic abuse related and disorderly conduct.

Radcliffe Haughton told Brookfield police he went to the Azana Salon & Spa that day and pulled up next to Zina's vehicle and rolled down his window to talk. Radcliffe told police Zina walked away, and at that point, Radcliffe said he got out of his vehicle and saw Zina motioning to Azana employees to call 911.

Radcliffe Haughton told police that at that point, he went back to his vehicle, tripping along the way. Radcliffe Haughton told police he did not have a knife and did not puncture or damage Zina's tires.

Zina Haughton filled out a "Domestic Abuse Victim Worksheet" after her tires were punctured. In the worksheet, Zina Haughton indicated Radcliffe Haughton had harmed her in the past, and indicated she worried he would harm her again.

On the worksheet, Zina Haughton wrote: "We are in the process of a divorce. We are always arguing. This morning, I was escorted by the Brown Deer P.D. to remove some belongings from my house. He was not there. He was at my job when I pulled into the parking lot. After I turned away from my car, he stabbed my car tire."

Also on October 4th, Zina Haughton signed a 72-hour contact prohibition against Radcliffe Haughton, requiring Radcliffe Haughton to avoid Zina Haughton's home and avoid contacting Zina Haughton other than through a law enforcement officer or attorney, or be fined up to $1,000.

Four days later, on October 8th, Haughton was served a summons for a restraining order. That same day, Haughton posted the following to his Facebook page: “Need to get out of Wisconsin, help.” On October 9th, he wrote: “Can anyone help get me out of Wisconsin?”

Then, last Thursday, he was in court, where the four-year restraining order was granted. Two days later, Haughton reportedly bought the gun used in the Azana Salon & Spa shooting from a private citizen.

One day later, Haughton entered the salon and opened fire.

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