Report: Wisconsin school spending tracked nation

MADISON (AP) — A new report by the nonpartisan Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance says that public school spending in the state tracked the national average from 2008 to 2012.

The report released Monday says Wisconsin school spending was 3.4 percent during those five years. That matched the U.S. average and ranked Wisconsin 30th among all 50 states. However, spending per student in Wisconsin dropped from 15th highest in 2008 to 21st in 2012.

The report says the reductions were driven by cuts in benefits mandated by the 2011 law known as Act 10.

Total compensation for Wisconsin school staff grew 6 percent during the period, compared with 4.9 percent nationally.

Wisconsin lost school staff at a faster rate than the national average during that time, dropping 3.3 percent compared with 1.2 percent nationally.