REPORT: Ryan Braun being treated for a private medical condition

MILWAUKEE -- There is new information from unnamed sources leading to speculation that Ryan Braun could get off the hook. The Milwaukee Brewers left fielder tested positive for a banned substance. But new reports say it was because he was being treated for a private medical condition. says a source close to the investigation tells them Braun has a personal medical condition which requires treatment, and that treatment lead to his alleged positive test for synthetic testosterone in October.

A Medical College of Wisconsin bioethicist says when it comes to discussing private medical conditions of a sports hero, it's understandable people will talk. But he says they should withhold judgment.

"I think when people are in the public eye, they can have a lower expectation of privacy in certain matters. But this, early tests that haven't been confirmed, is something that ought to be kept private because it's inconclusive," said Ryan Spellecy of the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Normally test results are kept private until after an appeals hearing. This time the information about Braun was leaked.

Braun's attorney has said people should keep an open mind so he has an opportunity to show he did not violate the substance abuse policy.