Rep. Jerry Petrowski to run for Galloway's Senate seat

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Rep. Jerry Petrowski will run for an open Senate seat in this spring's recalls.

Democrats are trying to force a half-dozen Republicans, including Gov. Scott Walker, into recall elections. The Democrats want revenge after the GOP passed Walker's contentious law stripping public workers of their union rights.

Sen. Pam Galloway, a Wausau Republican, was one of the six facing recall but resigned last week. Petrowski, a Marathon Republican who has served in the Assembly since 1998, announced Wednesday he'll run for her seat.

Rep. Donna Seidel and Jeff Johnson, both from Wausau, are vying for the Democratic nomination.

State election officials plan to meet March 30 to order the recalls. The elections would fall on May 8, unless primaries are needed that day. The general election would follow June 5.