Religious leaders hold prayer service in Sherman Park: "We have a duty to get out with the community"

Sherman Park prayer service

MILWAUKEE -- Strengthening a community through faith, several religious leaders took their ministries outside of the church on Saturday, October 7th. They held a service in Sherman Park with their message of unity.

Those ministers say you can't just talk about change, you need to get out there and bring those words to the people. They are hoping a small gesture goes a long way.

Aside from the wind blowing the leaves, the voices of faith leaders filled Sherman Park. The group stepped outside of their churches and bringing their ministry to the people.

Sherman Park prayer service

Sherman Park prayer service

"I really believe that as faith-based leaders, we have a duty to get out with the community and actually work with them and lead them to Christ," said John Hudson, Kingdom Men Fellowship.

They prayer service in the park is organized by Kingdom Men Fellowship, bringing prayers to a place that has been healing since the uprising last summer.

Reginald Hudson and John Hudson

"Majority of the time you see churches getting together in times of crisis with prayer, but we don't always have to be on the defensive side or the responsive side," said Reginald Hudson, Kingdom Men Fellowship.

Though the words are for all to hear, their target audience is men.

"What I'm looking for men is to actually step up be true leaders in every single way, in their actions, in their walk, in their talk," said John.

They are trying to help build leaders and bring change to Milwaukee.

"We're starting with prayer in creating unity within the community," Reginald said.

Sherman Park prayer service

They are hoping from their words comes action and a difference is made.

The group says their work isn't done. They plan to hold another service in Sherman Park in May.

Sherman Park prayer service flyer

Sherman Park prayer service flyer