Recording Studio on Wheels

Famed producer Don Was is teaming up with Ford to take aspiring musicians for the ride of their lives - in a recording session thats anything but typical.

In the 'Gimme the Gig' sweepstakes, singers compete for a chance to record a track with Grammy Award winning producer Don Was. He has produced for superstars including Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones.

Three winners from the sweepstakes will head into the studio, which is on wheels.

"I thought, 'let's put a recording studio in a Ford Focus and this time we'll go to the contestants'," said Was.

It's hollywood making house calls. "What we have here is an entire recording studio fit inside a Ford Focus. It has all the capabilities of a huge Hollywood recording room, " said engineer Krish Sharma.

Mad Mike Martin, the guy who has pimped many rides, made it possible.

"Right now, I'd say this car is worth about 150 thousand. If you roll up to a warehouse or a garage, it takes nothing to run the studio. This studio runs on its own," said Martin.

The unique studio is a challenge for singers, and for engineers who took apart this car, sound proofed it, then crammed it full of equipment. Including two thousand feet of cable.

Was said, "I don't think you could have done this a year and a half ago. The technology didn't really exist to do this. To get that much recording technology in a car like this - and of course the cars are great - we're just using the sound system from the Ford Focus in fact - its the studio monitor system and it sounds great".

The winners of this years 'Gimme the Gig' will be announced soon. Until then, you can check out music from the artists that made it to the finals, click here.