'Really excited:' Belman Homes, Operation Finally Home team up to give free house to veteran

MENOMONEE FALLS -- A generous gesture was aimed at providing stability and support for a veteran with disabilities and his family in Menomonee Falls.

David Belman

Pulling into his new neighborhood, greeted with a salute, Daniel Cappo and his family arrived to a lot in Menomonee Falls to get the surprise of their lives. Under the stars and stripes waving high, this veteran was presented with the news.

"We provide them with a brand-new, mortgage-free home, custom-built around their needs," said David Belman, president of Belman Homes.

Belman, a builder for Operation Finally Home's Wisconsin chapter, was proud to help such a deserving man.

Operation Finally Home provides house for local vet

Daniel Cappo

"Our veterans sacrifice a lot for us," said Belman. "They risked their lives for us. They're fighting for our country."

The organization's president and founder, Dan Wallrath, said it was in his heart to provide mortgage-free homes to injured veterans.

"Their lives have been changed dramatically," said Wallrath. "To be able to help these families is just amazing."

After serving in the Army for nearly nine years, Cappo sustained multiple injuries in combat, leaving him permanently disabled.

Operation Finally Home provides house for local vet

Operation Finally Home provides house for local vet

"After the injuries, it makes it harder to do stuff," said Cappo.

The groundbreaking Saturday left Cappo feeling "overwhelmed, with knots in his stomach." He said he's ready to embrace a new foundation in life.

"Having something like this, it makes it a little easier knowing that I'll be able to still provide for my family," said Cappo.

Operation Finally Home has fulfilled dreams and has built five other homes for wounded vets in Wisconsin, including the home next door.

Operation Finally Home provides house for local vet

"I was really excited to have a new place to live," said Cappo. "I can make new friends, meet different people, make new relationships, and spend time with my family."

Operation Finally Home has done over 250 projects that are either in the planning stage or completed in 33 states since the organization began. To learn more, click HERE.

Operation Finally Home provides house for local vet