"Reaching out to families in need:" Local organizations teach how to live without lead

MILWAUKEE -- For many Milwaukee residents the presence of lead in homes is staggering, so local organizations came together Saturday, November 18th to provide knowledge and resources to stay healthy.

"Combat the lead in their lives," Community Engagement Coordinator of the COA Goldin Center, Nicole Franklin said.

Soaking up knowledge so they don't take in harmful particles. On Saturday, folks filled classrooms learning how to live without lead in their lives.

Adrian Spencer

"We are working to educate residents on lead within their homes how it gets into their homes," Community Organizer of Safe & Sound Adrian Spencer said.

A special event put on by Safe & Sound, COA Goldin Center, and the Dominican Center addressed issues, misconceptions and provided resources to eliminate the harmful element. While exposure to lead can cause serous health concerns-what you eat can actually help protect your family against lead.

"Our partners from Hunger Task Force will be talking to resident today about healthy food options and how to deplete lead levels in body if they have them," Spencer said. "We have the Health Department in city of Milwaukee going to be teaching residents about how to abate lead windows issues and about window replacement program and how to identify if your home has lead laterals and how to get those fixed."

Last year, more than 70,000 nearby homes were discovered to be in need of lead lateral replacement. While municipalities wait for help with aging service lines, organizations like these provide temporary aid with free water filters.

"We are going to give out 300 water filters and 300 replacement filters to go along with that," Spencer said.

"They are reaching out to families in need," Betty Gaines, who needed filtered water said.

A simple snap on product is helping it click in residents minds how to stay healthy.

"We need awareness all throughout Milwaukee," Gaines said. "There is so much information we can grab a hold of, what we do with ties information is up to us."