Re-creation Station: Take a closer look at southeast Wisconsin's first creative reuse center

MILWAUKEE -- Brian Kramp hit the road on Thursday, February 4th to learn about the Re-creation Station. It's southeast Wisconsin's first creative reuse center.

Mission of Re-creation Station (from website)

To develop a non-profit Creative Reuse Center along with Outreach Programs. We will be dedicated to effecting positive change in our Community and fostering a clear understanding of the necessity to participate in the Reuse / Upcycle / Recycle Movement. To become a hub for Re-Creators, Creators, Educators, as well as offering programs to the general public. We will provide a friendly and creative atmosphere people can gather to teach, learn, network, become inspired and develop a sense of community and purpose. We will share knowledge, resources, space, tools and have available a continually updating inventory of reusable and surplus supplies and materials.