Randolph police: Now and Later candy not tampered with, after report it was soaked in motor oil

RANDOLPH -- Police in Randolph in Dodge County offered an update Sunday, October 29th after a report of Halloween candy that may have been tampered with.

Police said a report came in on Saturday regarding Now and Later hard candy that was possibly soaked in motor oil or some other foreign substance.

They then asked that parents carefully inspect their child(ren)'s Halloween candy, and report anything suspicious to police.

In an update, police said an investigation allowed officers to locate the residence where the Now and Later candy was handed out during Trick or Treat on Saturday, and a person at that home confirmed they had given out this brand of candy.

Police said "we are confident" nothing was done by anyone at this home to tamper with or contaminate this candy with any foreign substance.

The location where this candy was purchased was also identified, and police said follow-up investigation is underway to identify what, if any, foreign substance was placed on the candy.

Again -- if you find anything suspicious in your child(ren)'s Halloween candy -- you're asked to call police.