Rally to fight GOP tax plan held in Pere Marquette Park

MILWAUKEE -- A rally to fight the "grad tax" was held on Saturday, December 9th in Pere Marquette Park.

Senator Lena Taylor, D-Milwaukee and a group of students spoke out against the Republican federal tax plan.

The group said the plan jeopardizes access to higher education. The GOP plan cuts student loan interest payments as deductions, for starters.


Republicans have said the current education tax benefits are "so complicated that they are ineffective because many taxpayers cannot determine the tax benefits for which they are eligible."

"The House and the Senate are currently reconciling the bills as we speak and we have to make sure in the final version that this is not included because graduate students and undergraduate students and the community are all gonna be affected," Steven Vickers, MU student said.

The House and Senate are now working to iron out the differences between their two bills. President Donald Trump wants a bill on his desk by Christmas.