Rain, wind and lots of fallen leaves: City crews work to keep sewer drains clear

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Wind and rain combined to knock down bunches of leaves from the trees this week. That's clogging sewer drains -- and creating a mess with localized flooding.

During the heavy rains on Monday, October 13th, Milwaukee's Department of Public Works received more than 100 complaints of surface ponding -- following by a handful of complaints on Tuesday. Part of the problem lies in the fact that Wisconsin residents are asked to rake their leaves into the gutter for collection.

In the City of Waukesha, Street Supervisor Jose DeLeon told FOX6 News the DNR regulates what cities allow in their storm sewers.

"There are certain rules that you need to follow with DNR part of it is we need to the streets and the leaves from any debris going into the river itself," said DeLeon.

Speaking of Waukesha, the city is pretty unique for the area. Last year, instead of paying to take leaves to the landfill, it started composting them -- and giving it away free to residents.

While leaf pickup is still happening, FOX6 News is told rainfall actually helps -- because the leaves stick together making them easier to scoop and vacuum up.