Racine woman facing seven charges for ramming woman's car

RACINE -- 41-year-old Belinda Flores of Racine has been charged with five counts of first degree reckless endangerment, one count of felony bail jumping and one count of telephone harassment after ramming a woman's vehicle.

Racine police say Flores' Crown Victoria pushed the woman's vehicle down Marquette Street and Kewaunee Street. The criminal complaint says the vehicles were facing each other. When police interviewed Flores, she said she was having problems with the woman who's vehicle she was pushing after the woman apparently said something to Flores' boyfriend. Flores told police she left her home to pick up her son, and saw the woman driving the wrong way on Marquette Street, and said she was mad and drove straight at the woman, colliding with her car. Flores told police "they know not to make me mad. I have mental issues."

The criminal complaint says the woman who's car was being rammed told police she was scared for her life during this incident, and also the lives of her three children, who were in the vehicle at the time.

Police determined that Flores pushing the vehicle backward endangered the safety of all five occupants in the woman's vehicle, and created a great risk of bodily harm or death to the occupants.

Officials ordered Flores to have no contact with the listed victim, but the woman told police she later received a phone call from Flores, saying, among other things "when I find you, I'm going to kill you." The woman told police Flores called her two more times after that, but she did not answer.