Racine police share photos of 'large group attending party,' encourage reporting of 'violations'

RACINE -- Racine police in a news release Sunday, May 24 shared photos from a scene officers were dispatched to "last weekend, where a large crowd was assembled." Police called "events of this nature in the midst of a pandemic irresponsible," and offered a link where "active violations may be communicated."

In the release, Racine police noted Memorial Day weekend is a time when we honor those who served our nation in the armed forces, and it also marks the unofficial start to summer -- increasing the number of gatherings throughout the community.

Police said "due to the current COVID-19 crisis, social gatherings occurring over the holiday weekend and beyond should be conducted in a safe, sound and socially responsible manner."

Racine police pointed to the photographs below showing "a large group of individuals who were attending a party in the area" -- using the event as an example of people not only "placing themselves at risk," but also, placing "their extended families at risk, members of the neighborhood and all responding officers at risk as, well."

Large gathering in Racine amid COVID-19

As of Sunday, 39 members of the law enforcement and corrections community died in the line of duty after being exposed to the COVID-19 virus while protecting and serving communities throughout our nation," Racine police said in the release Sunday.

Police asked that, "to assist in keeping our community safe, citizens who observe violations as Illustrated (above) are encouraged to follow this link where photos, video clips and/or
narratives of active violations may be communicated."

Law enforcement officials also asked for support from business owners and faith leaders "in practicing respiratory etiquette, social distancing, and overall social responsibility as we work together as a community to reopen."