Racine man accused of sending inappropriate texts to 15-year-old

RACINE (WITI) -- 18-year-old Dashawn Seay of Racine faces one count of child enticement and one count of soliciting a child for prostitution -- in connection with alleged inappropriate text messages he is accused of sending to a high school boy.

A Racine police officer says he was working at Horlick High School when he was called to the Gray School principal's office for a report of inappropriate text messages.

A criminal complaint in the case says the officer spoke with a 15-year-old boy, who said he had received inappropriate text messages on his phone from Seay - which the boy says occurred during his fifth hour class.

The complaint says the boy told the officer Seay had initially offered him "weed" -- but the boy declined. The boy says Seay asked for his number, which he gave to Seay, and then the boy says Seay began texting him inappropriately -- including one text in which Seay offers to pay the boy to perform sex acts with him inside a school bathroom.

The complaint says the boy told the officer he became very upset by the texts, and had to leave class because he was so upset.

Seay was taken to the Racine County Jail, where he agreed to make a statement.

The complaint says Seay told police he had attended middle school with the boy, but that they had only started talking to one another recently -- saying they began exchanging text messages on February 19th -- the same day Seay was arrested.

The complaint says Seay admitted he was aware the boy was younger.