Racine County inmate charged for escaping and beating his ex-girlfriend

RACINE -- A Racine County inmate is facing several criminal charges after escaping while participating as a member of a work crew. Members of the work crew thought he was just going to the bathroom when he really took a trip to visit his ex-girlfriend.

28-year-old Erick Blakney walked off the job to visit his ex-girlfriend and confront her about money being put on his books. According to his ex-girlfriends statement, she left her home for a few moments to deliver something to a neighbor and found Blakney waiting for her when she returned.

According to the criminal complaint, Blakney was upset she didn't put any money on his books. The woman told him that his family sent the money, and it should arrive shortly. That's when Blakney began beating his ex-girlfriend, with whom he has several children.

Blakney hit his ex-girlfriend in the face several times and only stopped after the victim's brother appeared at the scene, according to the complaint. Blakney fled the scene, and left with $20.

Blakney faces charges for escaping, battery, criminal damage to property and theft. If convicted he'll add up to eight years and three months to his current jail sentence.