'Quite a novelty:' 7 tons of ice transformed into Historic Third Ward Ice Bar

MILWAUKEE -- Ice sculptors carved and dusted away -- turning seven tons of ice blocks into a winter wonderland in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward.

Jeanne Zuleta

"This is quite a novelty," says Jeanne Zuleta, vice president of Art Below Zero. "You can't quite find it just anywhere."

The company Art Below Zero is installing a large bar and different ice features for the fourth annual Ice Bar installment.

"We're going to have specialty cocktails, both hot and cold drinks, whatever you're feeling," says Chelsie Laymen of the Lowlands Group.

Benelux Ice Bar in the Historic Third Ward

The frosty formations are in front of Cafe Benelux and The Wicked Hop -- and have been in the works since the summer. Friday's temps were just right as the sculptors put in hours of work before the grand opening.

"16 (degrees) and cloudy. It's wonderful," says Zuleta. "We couldn't ask for better weather."

All of the icy designs, new this year, include a massive throne -- weighing more than 3,000 pounds.

Benelux Ice Bar in the Historic Third Ward

Benelux Ice Bar in the Historic Third Ward

"Guests can come in and sit down, not just have a beautiful piece of ice, but it's also functional," Zuleta says.

While it might sound a bit cold, heaters will be outside so bar-goers can chill out while staying comfortable.

Chelsie Laymen

"We're Wisconsinites, so we're not too afraid of winter," Laymen says.

Of course, the Ice Bar will only be open while the weather cooperates. The sculptors hope it stays cold as ice.

"Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, it just is a wondrous thing to come out and be a part of," Zuleta says.

The Ice Bar opens Thursday through Sunday. For more information, CLICK HERE.