Questions raised over collection bins

RACINE (WITI) -- Nearly a dozen purple collection bins have popped up in southeastern Wisconsin over the past few months and many are wondering where exactly their donations are going.

The boxes say "Reuse Books," and are promoted as a place to donate books, CDs and DVDs. Although it remains unclear who is collecting the items and who is receiving the items.

FOX6 News caught up with two men who were emptying the purple bin at the Racine Centre on Washington Ave.

"We're trucking them back to Aurora, Illinois," said Chad Johnson.

The men said they were contracted employees.

"We go through them, we separate the good books from the ones that are just trash," said Johnson.

Johnson also said he has no idea what happens to the items once he delivers them to the warehouse in Illinois.

Liz Fredrichs of the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau said they have not been able to make contact with the operation.

"We've checked the internet, we're called the phone number, we're requested information," said Fredrichs. "That's why it's a red flag for us, because most legitimate companies or organizations will respond to the Better Business Bureau."

Johnson and his coworker also picked up a purple bin at Racine's Westgate Square where a property manager requested it be removed, saying he did not give permission