Public Works evaluating 51st and Meinecke after child killed

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man is now charged for striking and killing six-year-old Christopher Wade. 22-year-old Dedrick Ashford is charged with knowingly operating a motor vehicle without a valid license, causing death.

Ashford is accused of striking and killing Wade as he crossed the street near 51st and Meinecke in Milwaukee on Tuesday, April 17th. Ashford remained on the scene and cooperated with investigating officers.

Wade's death has lead to the city's Public Works Department investigating just how fast people are driving down the block.

Neighbors complained about cars speeding down 51st Street and after a recommendation from Alderman Willie Hines Jr.'s office, the city is considering installing a traffic light in the area.

Thursday, April 26th, hundreds paid their respects to little Christopher Wade, who's life was taken too soon. On that same day, city of Milwaukee leaders were trying to find out whether speeding is a problem near the intersection where C.J. was struck and killed by a minivan.

Robert Bryson is the chief traffic and lighting engineer for the city of Milwaukee. Bryson was employing radar technology installed by Public Works on 51st Street to measure how fast cars are moving and how many drive down the street.

In addition to potentially installing a traffic light, school zone signs will be updated across Milwaukee, and Alderman Willie Hines Jr. recommended the project near the French Immersion School near the scene where Wade died be put at the top of the list. "When there's a tragic incident such as this, we want to do everything we can to step up and not allow costs or finances to drive safety," Hines said.

Public Works officials also plan to install a deaf child warning sign on 51st Street for a child who lives near the stretch of road in question.

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