PTSD Anonymous: New peer-to-peer support program helping combat veterans in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE -- A new peer-to-peer support program for combat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in Wisconsin applies the 12-step framework of Alcoholic Anonymous to help heal military trauma.

PTSD Anonymous was launched more than a month ago and has grown from three or four veterans to 12 to 15 people who gather Wednesday nights at Kronenwetter town hall.

Ron Worthey is a veteran and one of the organizers. He says he's found the fastest way to heal PTSD is to work with other veterans. He says the meetings don't replace professional counseling, but offer a sympathetic ear from someone who understands the effects of military and combat-related trauma.

PTSD Anonymous was established in Washington state in 2008, but fell by the wayside. Worthey and others are reviving the concept in Wisconsin.