Protesters disrupt first Dahmer Tour in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Protesters disrupted the first ever Dahmer Tour in Milwaukee Saturday.  Up to 20 family members of Jeffrey Dahmer victim Richard Guerrero followed the small tour group through the Walker's Point neighborhood, carrying signs and shouting.

One of the protesters was Guerrero's sister, Janie Hagen. "I'm here today to speak for my brother.  I love him and I miss him and we're not gonna put up with people like this.  I don't care what I have to do," Hagen said.

At one point Hagen shouted at the tour group, "Do you want to know the truth?  Ask the victims' families!"

Only five people showed up for the first Dahmer Tour at 1:00 p.m. Saturday.  Protesters approached the group about 15 minutes into the tour, and followed them until the tour ended about 30 minutes later.  The tour's website says the tour should have lasted 90 minutes.

Paul Smith is one of the people who went on Saturday's tour. He says he wanted to go because Jeffrey Dahmer has always been intriguing to him.  Smith says the tour was informational, not sensational, but he understands why the protesters wanted to be there.

"I respect them.  I respect their right to say what they want," Smith said.