Protest planned: Middleton School District officials, parents at odds over so-called "Jesus Lunches"

MIDDLETON -- On Tuesday, April 19th, the "Freedom From Religion Foundation" will protest a Christian-organized so-called "Jesus Lunches" at Middleton High School.

Once a week, a group of moms brings food and offers Bible lessons to students in Fireman's Park next to the school.

Up to 400 students take part in the lunch event.

School officials are now asking the group to stop -- saying the park is leased by the district and thus, is subject to their rules.

"We believe we're standing up for sort of a common forum for us to sort of be even-handed with all people and all children," Don Johnson, superintendent of the Middleton Cross Plains Area School District said.

School officials say the lunches are a violation of district policy, while the parents who organize the lunches believe doing so is well within their First Amendment rights.

The Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation is an organization dedicated to the separation of church and state.