Pregnant dog shows up at fire station; paramedic helps deliver 8 puppies

APOPKA, Fla. -- There was no fire dog at a Florida fire station, and now, there's eight of them!

The team at Apopka Station 5 never had their own fire dog until one walked up and gave them more than they bargained for.

"And so I went outside and saw her, and she was pregnant," said Lt. Renee Beasley, Apopka Fire Department.

Beasley, a paramedic, became a canine nurse for the day -- delivering a litter of eight from a mother who had seen better days.

"Even though she was pregnant with her belly, she was extremely underweight. She also had about nine to 12 nails in her stomach, probably from ravaging for food," said Beasley.

Miraculously, seven of the eight puppies survived, and Beasley went to work bringing Lady back from the brink. When the paramedic had to go save human lives, her team at Apopka Station 5 took shifts as puppy dads. They shared the story of their new pack on social media, and help came to the helpers.

"Our community has a huge heart and everybody's reached out to try and help out with her, so that's been awesome," said Beasley.

People have offered to cover vet costs, food and of course, there's now a waiting list of potential adopters.

"Lady is going to end up staying with us. We've become very bonded with her," said Beasley.