"Prayers & support:" Standing in solidarity in SE WI with police in Milw., Baton Rouge

MILWAUKEE/BATON ROUGE -- Officials with law enforcement agencies in southeastern Wisconsin are reacting to the shooting deaths of three officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Sunday that left another three officers hurt, and the shooting of a Milwaukee police officer that happened while the officer was on the scene of a domestic violence related investigation.

The shooting in Milwaukee happened near 17th and Morgan on the city's south side. The officer who was shot, 31-year-old Brandon Baranowski suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries. The suspect, a 20-year-old West Allis man, suffered an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Greenfield Police Department:

"Our thoughts, prayers and support are with the Milwaukee Police Department as one of their officers who was ambushed early this morning is recovering in the hospital. We are praying for a speedy recovery!‪#‎StopTheViolence‬‪#‎BlueLivesMatter‬"

Greenfield Police Department:

"Another tragic mass killing of law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge. Our hearts are breaking for their families."

Hales Corners Police Department:

"The Hales Corners Police Department stands tall with the Baton Rouge Police and the loss of their officers today. We also send our prayers to our brothers over at the Milwaukee PD and their officer who was ambushed this morning.

We will stand firm and be brave during these difficult times and will continue to protect our village and the people we serve."

Kenosha Police Department:

"Today, three more police officers were assassinated, this time in Baton Rouge. Last night, in Milwaukee, an officer was shot doing his job.

The Kenosha Police Department again mourns with law enforcement agencies across the United States. Our thoughts and prayers go out the families who lost their loved ones and also to the fellow officers who must now carry on without their friends and colleagues.

These attacks on law enforcement are cowardly and reprehensible. Nothing, I repeat – nothing, can justify attacks on law enforcement. No cause, no belief, and no sense of vindication can make these murders justifiable or acceptable. We as a nation must stop this insanity. Community and law enforcement leaders must make it clear that violence is not the answer, in fact it does nothing but inflame the situation. No one among us should do anything that implies even the slightest tacit approval of these tactics.

I call upon the citizens of this nation to play an active role in keeping America great. I reach out not with an olive branch, but a plea. The violent and murderous few in this nation cannot be allowed to perpetuate hate and domestic terrorism. I am asking all citizens who see or hear something supporting or directing violence toward law enforcement, be it in person or on social media, to forward this information to law enforcement. When the fanatics out there are advocating violence and discussing their plans and ideals that suggest violence toward police officers – those who hear it or learn of it must call them out on it. They must turn them in and do their part to stop the violence on law enforcement which is an attack on us all.

Each day across this nation, hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers go to work with the mission of keeping all of us safe. Each day, millions of calls for service are handled and untold numbers of people are protected and helped. Each day, those officers go to work to do what they believe in – what they have been called upon to do – to protect and serve. We as a nation cannot allow deplorable cowards to dictate our future, or decide who lives or dies. We cannot allow them to plot and plan and to carry out their subversive actions. Let the recent events be a wake up call, that we as a nation must value diversity and embrace differences… further, that we as a nation must also stand in solidarity against those who seek to attack and kill our officers, all in the name of some perverted sense of justice. The over 800,000 officers in this nation step up when needed, when called upon to help - do not let a despicable few people perpetuate hate and threaten officers who any one of us may need some day.
As Edmund Burke once said, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. I ask you all to stand with law enforcement as we stand for justice.

Chief Daniel Miskinis"

Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office:

"Less than a day after Dallas PD and DART laid their 5th officer to rest, our law enforcement family received more tragic news. This morning Baton Rouge PD lost 3 of their officers in the line of duty to another violent attack. Several other officers were wounded and one remains in the hospital fighting for his life. Again we extend our deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the Baton Rogue Police Department officers who were killed while serving their community, and also wish a quick recovery for those officers injured during this attack."

Racine County Sheriff's Office:

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Baton Rouge Police Department."

West Allis Police Department:

"Thoughts and prayers for the Milwaukee Police Department officer who was ambushed and shot early this morning. Thoughts and prayers also for the families of the officers killed as well as the officers who were injured in an incident that occurred in Louisiana this morning. These incidences remind us of the risks that police officers around the country face each and every day while protecting and serving their communities.

Thanks to all those who continue to support the West Allis Police Department as well as the law enforcement profession.