Prayer vigil held Monday for State Rep. Tamara Grigsby

MILWAUKEE -- State Rep. Tamara Grigsby (D - Milwaukee) was unexpectedly put in intensive care last week, after being diagnosed with cancer. According to State Senator Lena Taylor, Representative Grigsby has regained consciousness as of Monday, but still remains under doctors' care.

In a news released issued December 22nd, a statement from the office of Rep. Grigsby said, "While the situation is grave, Tamara’s family, friends and staff are confident she will fully recover from her current situation. Tamara Grigsby has always been a fighter. There is every reason to believe she will overcome this difficulty with the same fire and determination that has served her in the past."

Monday, friends, colleagues and constituents met at Greater New Birth Church to show their love and support for Grigsby, and pray for her recovery. "The only thing that I know that has power to change things in a way that's miraculous is the power of prayer," Taylor said. Dozens held hands and prayed for help and a speedy recovery for a woman many say they admire. "Tamara has been a quality representative for our district. She's been there, and she's responded. So at this time in her life when she needs our help, it's my time to step up and be here for her," Grigsby's constituent, Maxine May said Monday.

A spokesman for Grigsby said she kept her battle with cancer as private as possible for months, until she was hospitalized and listed in critical condition last week. "Tamara is a fighter and she has continued to fight for the people of Wisconsin while she was sick, knowing that was so important. So, I mean, you have to have every faith that she is going to recover from this," Wendy Volz Daniels, a friend of Grigsby's said.

Milwaukee Public Schools’ Board of School Directors, along with MPS Administration led by Superintendent Gregory Thornton, expressed their sincere hopes for healing for Wisconsin State Representative Tamara Grigsby in a statement.

Gov. Walker released the following statement: “Tonette’s and our family’s hearts and prayers are with Representative Tamara Grigsby, her family, friends and staff.  The greatest gift we hope for this Christmas is for her to have a full recovery.”

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett issued the following statement: “Representative Tamara Grigsby and her family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. She is a great leader who is in touch with her west side constituents. She understands the issues affecting Milwaukee and we benefit greatly from her leadership.” Monday, Mayor Barrett said "Her spirit and enthusiasm, and her hard work and wonderful nature is something we all want to see back in full display."

Many of Grigsby's colleagues say they have no doubt they will once again see her spirit and enthusiasm back at the Capitol. "She will be back and come back fighting just as hard as ever, and we'll hold the fort down until you get here," Taylor said.

The specific type of cancer Grigsby has been affected with hasn't been released. Grigsby's spokesman says doctors don't know if her condition is related to the cancer, or something else.