Prayer text changes take effect Sunday for Catholic Mass

Roman Catholics saw some changes in Mass starting Sunday, after prayer texts were re-translated from Latin to English. The new prayer translations more closely reflect the original Latin texts.

Father Brian Mason visited Catholic parishes in advance of Sunday's prayer changes, and spoke with parishioners about what to expect. Father Mason says he wanted to make sure parishioners were well-informed in advance of the Mass changes. Father Mason says there are different opinions among parishioners as it relates to the changes. He says some don't understand why, with all the issues the Catholic Church is facing, these changes are happening now.

"There's a variety of reactions from the people. There are people who say this is good, and there are some people who aren't happy with some of the language that's being used, but that's to be expected when you have this many people," Mason said.

Parishioner Sara Larson says she appreciates the new translations for slowing down Mass a bit, and giving her some time to consider what she's praying. "It really gives me a chance to slow down and think about what I'm praying. I think it's going to be really helpful, to make my prayer better," Larson said.