Pool hopping Pennsylvania bear takes a dip

PENNSYLVANIA (WITI) -- Summer is over, except for one bear in Pennsylvania who still likes to go pool hopping -- and it was all caught on camera!

The bear snuck into a backyard and went straight for the swimming pool.

He checks out the water for a little bit, takes a drink or two, but then it's time for a swim -- a long one.

It's amazing the pool didn't collapse. The bear actually got out, and back in the pool three times, all within about 20 minutes.

"My daughter called me and said there's a bear in the backyard, and I thought she was joking. It was a really nice day, could have maybe used a beer," said homeowner, Dominic Lombardi.

The bear got into the yard through a hole under the deck, but it left through the back fence.

The little girl who caught the bear enjoying a little dip says, because of the bear, the pool now smells funny.

Check out the hilarious video!