Police seek suspects after ball chucked at bowling alley employee's head

ROSEVILLE, Mich. -- Police are looking for two suspects accused in the brutal beating of a bowling alley employee.

Roseville police said it happened on Wednesday, Oct. 10 shortly before midnight, at Apollo Lanes on Gratiot Avenue.

According to police, while bowling, a group became unruly, and the group was asked to leave because they were creating a disturbance. At this point, several members of the group surrounded the counter where the employee was standing.

Surveillance video shows one suspect reaching over the counter -- punching the employee in the face. The second suspect then began violently assaulting the employee -- with punches and kicks to the worker's face and body.

The first suspect is seen in the video walking behind the counter, picking up a bar stool and striking the employee in the head before picking up a bowling ball and throwing it toward the employee's head.

The ball struck the employee in the middle of his back, and he fell to the ground -- where the suspects continued kicking him in the head before fleeing the scene.

The employee, a 28-year-old man from Roseville, was taken to the hospital.

Police described the suspects as men who are African-American, in their early 20s:

Suspect # 1: Approximately 200 pounds, wearing a black baseball cap and white T-shirt with a black short-sleeved button-up on over the T-shirt and black pants. He also had a close-shaved beard and tattoos on his arms.

Suspect # 2: Approximately 170 pounds with braided hair, wearing a white T-shirt and black sweatpants with white stripes on the side.