Police seek suspect who's throwing semen on women at grocery stores

PORTLAND, Oregon -- Police in Portland are looking for a man who is throwing semen onto women at grocery stores. The victims have described the acts as "creepy," "disgusting" and "violating," and police have released surveillance images in an effort to identify the suspect.

"I'm still watching my back because you just don't know what anyone's intentions are anymore," a victim said.

A trip to the grocery store for the woman, who didn't want her identity revealed, ended in a disgusting way.

"I just kind of stopped and stood there in my tracks and said 'you've got to be kidding me,'" the woman said.

She said a man driving through the parking lot at a Safeway grocery store just off Barbur threw semen on her as she got into her vehicle.

"It's violating. It feels very violating," the woman said.

Police have released a surveillance photo of the suspect, and another of his vehicle.

"It's creepy. I think you just, at first you're in disbelief. 'Is this really happening?! This is disgusting. Who would do this?' And then it goes through your mind like 'was he watching me the whole time?'" the woman said.

The woman said late last year, she had the same thing happen at this very same store -- but it happened inside. She didn't see who threw it then.

And it appears this isn't just happening in Portland. Police in Milwaukie, Oregon and Beaverton are also investigating two cases in those cities.

"I want to find out who he is," the victim said. "It's like what if he has family? Does he have kids? Your mind races for sure. I think about it all the time."

Detectives said it's possible there could be more victims who may not have any idea just what was thrown at them.

"I just hope they find him. What's really sad too is if he does get caught, it's a misdemeanor, not a felony," the victim said.

The victim said three other victims have had DNA testing done on the clothing they were wearing at the time, and all three match.