Police seek high-ranking members of notorious Murda Mobb gang

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Murda Mobb gang has been committing violent crimes in Milwaukee for more than a decade -- and now, Milwaukee police say several top gang members have been busted.

Police say a home near 16th and Wright in Milwaukee was a drug house -- run by the Murda Mobb -- one of Milwaukee's most notorious gangs.

"Their crimes include everything from multiple homicide and armed robbery, all the way through narcotics trafficking, which we're still engaged in today," Milwaukee Police Captain David Salazar said.

Captain Salazar says police have had their eyes on members of the gang.

A search warrant says the gang was using drug houses to sell ecstasy pills, along with heroin, cocaine and marijuana.

For roughly 15 years, the Murda Mobb has been accused of homicides, armed robberies, drug slinging and death threats.

Several members are serving life sentences, and Milwaukee police say a few more may be joining them behind bars.

"We arrested three out of our top five people we were looking for in the organization," Captain Salazar said.

In a December sting, high-ranking members were arrested.

"We believe we've made a significant impact, not only on the organization itself but the way it's distributing, and any violent crime they may be able to inflict on a community," Captain Salazar said.

It's been a bad year for the gang. One of their suspected founding members, Akilah Crittenden was picked up in October.

Milwaukee police say two members escaped the December sting -- Terrance Woodley and Robert Johnson.

Catching Johnson, a man who spent time in prison for a homicide, is top priority for police.

"He's the person we are most interested in finding and arresting as soon as possible," Captain Salazar said.