Police searching for man who broke into 8 Chinese restaurants in 2 days

NORFOLK, Va. - Police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying a man wanted for breaking into eight Chinese restaurants in the last two days.

The burglaries occurred at the following locations during the overnight hours between Wednesday night and Friday morning:

    On Thursday morning, police responded to China #1, Golden City and Golden China. On Friday morning, police responded to Super China, China King, Golden City, Garden China and New China Town.

    In each burglary, the man entered the restaurant by breaking the front glass window, according to WTKR.

    Many of the businesses WTKR spoke to had multiple surveillance cameras - even a sign in the front window - but that didn’t stop the suspect from busting in the front window.

    "It’s just kind of scary and we don’t know what to do because you don’t know when it will be happening. They can break in anywhere; any store, not just us," said one restaurant owner who didn't want to be identified.

    Luke Tanner works at China King on Chesapeake Boulevard. He told WTKR the thief left with less money than it cost to replace the broken door.

    Police believe the same person is responsible for all eight burglaries.