Police say he's a "career burglar" -- Is he responsible for home break-ins along the North Shore?

WHITEFISH BAY (WITI) -- When North Shore police saw a surge in home break-ins, they had a hunch someone familiar to them was involved -- and that hunch paid off. A convicted felon is now back behind bars, and is looking at a whole new set of charges.

Marvin Jones is someone police describe as a career burglar. He has spent much of his life burglarizing homes in the North Shore, Milwaukee and Wauwatosa.

Now, FOX6 News has obtained a search warrant that accuses Jones of new crimes.

Jones' rap sheet dates back to 1979. He has been in and out of prison. Once suspected of being behind more than 100 burglaries, one prison stint put Jones behind bars for 12 years.

Jones' latest sentence ended in 2012. His release was noticed by police on the North Shore -- who say they saw an increase in burglaries in their communities.

As the burglaries continued, police became suspicious Jones may be to blame.

A judge granted permission for investigators to watch Jones closely. In May, a GPS device was placed on his car.

On May 28th, authorities noticed Jones parked on 99th Street in Milwaukee. He was parked there for more than 30 minutes.

Down the street, a homeowner's security alarm went off -- scaring a burglar away after he pried the door open.

A week later, investigators followed the car to Wauwatosa and saw Jones walking down the street with a full pillowcase.

A homeowner on the block says it was her house that was hit. Jewelry, a phone and prescription drugs were taken while she was on vacation.

Authorities made an arrest the following day -- eventually finding the woman's belongings in Jones' apartment.

Also on him during his arrest -- a steel pry bar and gloves.

The victims FOX6 News spoke with call Jones a professional. Little damage was done when entry was made into the homes, and mostly high-end items were taken.

One victim says prosecutors say she may be one of 70 new victims. She says she's relieved a man with such a history is back behind bars.

Jones hasn't yet been charged with a new crime, but he is behind bars.

Prosecutors say they have been building a case, and charges are expected soon.