Police say he shot a woman & died following an attempted robbery; His family wants end to the violence

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Their loved one was killed after police say he shot a woman during an attempted robbery. Now, his family is coming forward -- hoping to help reduce gun violence in Milwaukee.

A gas station near 95th and Brown Deer Road is where police say 22-year-old Itavian Belcher died after he was shot on Thursday night, October 9th. His family wants to know who shot him and more importantly -- they want to see an end to the violence in the city.

Alice Belcher is with Christian Woman Perspective Ministries. She spearheaded a small community prayer at the gas station near 95th and Brown Deer Road after her great nephew died there on October 9th.

Police say Itavian Belcher shot a woman during an attempted robbery, and he was shot himself a short time later as he attempted to rob someone else.

He made his way to the gas station, where he died.

"Even if it is true, we don`t stand for violence as a family and we don`t support that happening, but we still also need to know who killed Itavian Belcher," Alice Belcher said.

The family has a stronger mission now -- curbing gun violence in Milwaukee.

Alice Belcher is a researcher, and some of her initiatives are influenced by other states' success.

"You know when you have a patient on the table and they`re bleeding out, you try everything. Just throw the kitchen sink at it and see what sails. What you got to lose? We`re dying out here. Our children are dying out here," Alice Belcher said.

The initiatives encompass employment, recreation, intervention, visible & committed leadership, a review of the acquisition of legal guns and education.

Alice Belcher says Itavian was a standout basketball player who went to college.

"On a scholarship, but a school system failed him because it didn`t prepare him educationally to keep it," Alice Belcher said.

Alice Belcher says she'll take her message to whomever will listen. She says her organization will continue to seek grants to implement her ideas.

Meanwhile, the sister of the woman police say Itavian Belcher shot says her sister has had three surgeries, and has a long road to recovery.