Police say 3-year-old Washington State girl beaten by mother for weeks before her death

AUBURN, Washington -- A 3-year-old Washington state girl was beaten severely for weeks and suffered fractures and at least 20 bruises all over her body before she died, court documents said.

The girl's 21-year-old mother has been arrested for investigation of murder reported Q13 FOX News. She did not appear in court Thursday, waiving her right to be there.

But court documents said the medical examiner counted at least 20 bruises on the the body of the little girl.

A prosecutor told the court the girl not only had bruises but fractures all over her body, too. Officials say the injuries proves extensive abuse.

Detectives say the mom admitted to hitting the little girl to discipline her. Court documents state the mom's boyfriend told detectives she would often use a belt and even her own fist to repeatedly hit her daughter.

A medical exam indicates the child was dead hours before anyone in her family called 911.

The defense said the mom has no criminal history and asked the judge to bar the media from covering this case. The judge denied that motion on Thursday, setting her next court date for Friday afternoon when she is expected to face murder charges.

The mom also has a 2-month-old baby girl. Child Protective Services now has custody of that infant. CPS says they do not have any reports on this family prior to this week.

Auburn police say the boyfriend is not facing any charges.