Police: Oklahoma mother murdered in front of her 5 children

OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma mother was reportedly murdered in front of her five children and her killer is still on the run.

The Oklahoma City Police Department responded to a panicked 911 call Saturday afternoon.

A friend found the body of Selena Escalera-Pacheco  in the bedroom of one of Pacheco’s five children. Police said they watched in horror while their mother was murdered right in front of them.

“That's the worst thing that could happen,” Italia Nunez said. “Those kids are going to be traumatized for life.”

Pacheco’s friends said her life was just beginning and told KFOR she had only recently moved into the apartment. They said she had just ended a bad relationship and believe her ex-boyfriend may have killed her.

“I feel like this was planned,”  said one of Pacheco’s relatives, who asked for her identity to be hidden out of fear she would be targeted.. “It was set up. Something like this doesn’t just happen.”

Police are not naming a suspect at this time.

DHS took Pacheco’s five children into custody unharmed. Her family said the children are now with their grandmother.