Police officers were caught speeding in patrol cars, so why did the State Patrol do nothing?

WASHINGTON (WITI) -- They're the highest-ranking law enforcement officials in the state. Washington State troopers will face tough questions after audio detailing multiple patrol cars speeding to a conference was leaked online. Despite being notified about their speeding, Washington troopers didn't pull them over.

FOX6's sister station, Q13 in Washington says the audio was captured on Wednesday, October 8th.

Q13 says Washington State Patrol aircraft identified multiple vehicles speeding on the highway. Aircraft officials relayed information to a Washington State Patrol car on the ground meant to identify the offender and pull them over to issue a speeding ticket.

Instead, each time a car was clocked speeding by the aircraft flying overhead, an official in the patrol car is heard identifying the offending car as on its way to a Drug Recognition Expert conference.

None of the law enforcement vehicles heard speeding on tape were pulled over -- according to Q13.

“Did I miss a memo today (about speeding),” one of the troopers is heard joking.

Q13 says many of the officers were observed going more than 20 miles-per-hour over the speed limit. Q13 says the aircraft's pilot observed a motorcycle officer weaving in and out of traffic.

Eventually, the Washington State Patrol aircraft gives up -- with its operator saying he's sorry no one was pulled over.

A Washington State Patrol spokesperson has confirmed to Q13 the audio is authentic.

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