Police officer shot son for swapping his vodka with water, prosecutors say

INDIAN HEAD PARK, Ill. -- A suburban Illinois police officer charged with shooting his son during an apparent argument over a bottle of vodka.

The judge in this case called the allegations "disturbing" and ordered 48-year old cop to be held with bail no bail, according to WGN.

Prosecutors say the suspect, Indian Head Park Police Sergeant Ray Leuser, shot his son inside of his home on the Southwest Side.

A neighbor who did not want to be identified called Leuser a good neighbor and said she was shocked to hear what allegedly happened.

But in Cook County court Thursday, prosecutors painted a different picture of the police sergeant. They say Leuser called in sick for his shift two days ago. Instead of staying home, however, he went to a neighborhood 7-Eleven to purchase pizza, popcorn and vodka.

Later that day, his 22-year-old son, who sometimes stays in the basement of this home, drank the vodka and replaced it with water.

After a shouting match over the liquor, Leuser allegedly shot his son in the stomach, shoulders and thigh.

Police found shell casings and two .45 caliber guns in the home.  He’s now charged with attempted murder.

The officer’s son remains in the hospital in critical condition, in need of at least two more surgeries to remove bullets from his body.