Police officer buys groceries for boy found walking alone to get snacks for younger sibling

AUSTIN, Texas — A police officer did something wonderful when he learned a family was going through hard times.

According to the Austin Police Department, Officer James Riley was working on June 3 when someone flagged him down to let him know a young boy was walking alone in a parking lot.

Officer Riley went up to the child and found out he walked to the corner store alone to get snacks for his younger sibling.

The officer was concerned for the child’s safety and gave him a ride home.

Police said Officer Riley went inside the home and found out the family was going through difficult financial times. He talked to the children about safety and cautioned them not to leave the home without an adult.

He then took it up on himself to go buy the children groceries and snacks so the boys wouldn’t have to turn on the gas stove. Austin police said Officer Riley also got some things that a parent could cook for them.

“Please join us in commending Officer Riley for helping out a family in need. He showed true heart with this act of kindness and is just one example of how our officers work to make Austin a safe community,” the department wrote.