Police: Father holds nine-year-old son hostage inside home near 26th & Hampton

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police were involved in a two-hour-long standoff with a man who held his nine-year-old son hostage inside a home near N. 26th and Hampton Avenue.

The incident occurred Saturday, February 20th.

Police say the 30-year-old man has a history of mental illness and took his nine-year-old son hostage after a dispute with family members.

"Most family members were able to escape without injury. The suspect was able to hold his nine-year-old son and take him as a hostage," said Jutiki Jackson with the Milwaukee Police Department.

Officials responded to the scene and the man implied he had a weapon and stated to police several times he would kill his son.


After two hours of negotiating with the man, Milwaukee police were able to deploy a flash-type distraction into the home and were able to rescue the boy and detain the father.

Authorities say the man was armed with a knife. It is unclear if he had any other weapons.

The 30-year-old father will now face charges.

No injuries were reported.