Plow drivers test their skills at Milwaukee Co. Truck ROADeo

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Although it's far from winter, when the snow strikes, plow drivers like John O'Bradovich are on the front lines.

"It takes a lot of skill and there`s a lot more to it than just putting in your trucking gear and going," says O'Bradovich.

To brush up on those skills, O'Bradovich and his fellow plow drivers gathered at Mitchell International Airport for the 7th Annual Milwaukee County Truck ROADeo.

"We want to make sure that our people are knowledgeable about the equipment, they can get out there in a safe manner and make sure they're safe and make sure the public is safe, and make sure that everyone gets where they need to go, when they need to get there," says Milwaukee County Director of Transportation Brian Dranzik.

Drivers were put to the test by getting behind the wheel in a road course.

They had to carefully maneuver around cones, which represented cars and mailboxes.

"You`re backing up in a tight space and it doesn't always go as well as you want it to, which is okay out here but on the road you don`t have any room for error," says O'Bradovich.

But before even turning on the truck, plow drivers always have to do a pre-trip inspection.

"This sets it up so that there are five things that are not set up correctly. They need to identify those five things and mark it on the check list," says Dranzik.

"You`re checking your tires, your brakes, your lights. You're checking springs, and you're checking the lug nuts to make sure they're tight," says airport maintenance worker Dushon Wilson.

Now when winter returns, these plow drivers say they're prepared to keep everyone on the road out of harms way.